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Thanks for the great review. It's nice to get the whole picture rather than just bragging one's choice does everything perfect.

I almost pulled the trigger on one of these last week, but read a few more reviews and decided it might not mulch as well as I'm used to (toros) and I also wondered if turns would be smooth and easy. I admit mulching with 21" machines isn't ideal, as they can bog down easier than a really powerful big mower will.

Since you bag a lot I'm curious why you nixed the Toro "superbagger" commercial versions. They seem to be optimized for bagging. Was it just the weight? Wait, I see one reason why. They may not mulch at all. (unclear from promotional materials I've seen). And the homeowner versions have the same old personal pace drive.

I think the HRX ability to switch from bagging to mulching and back effortlessly is great. Leave the bag on and you can even please customers who might balk at mulching when conditions would permit by mulching while it looks like you're bagging. If they see a bag on the machine, the topic may not even come up as long as the result is good.

Honda's promotional videos had awkward looking users. Not smooth in turns or when changing speeds. I assume that gets better with use, but I read the long handlebars made it a little less nimble. Certainly not a lawnboy type machine. I have yet to hear a good reason why they quit making the staggered wheel, lightweight lawnboys. I was waiting for an excuse to get one.

For my type of use (small lots and back yards a couple times a day) the fuel capacity would suffice on the HRX. But I think large capacity tanks is big plus with the commercial units for you heavy duty users, for both time and safety reasons.

With the hours you put on them I may have gone with the toro commercial units, (though I can't imagine anything bagging great in wet grass, the toros sure don't) but I think you'll be happy with your Honda, and my hunch is the drive and other small items will need replacing before the engine.
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