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Originally Posted by duffman301 View Post
I posted yesterday about my tiger cub not starting and i got a lot of advice that was very good. I got the mower running today and decided to change the Hydrolic and filter. I went to the scag dealer and they gave me 2 quarts of 20w50. I emptied the fluid, changed the filter and added the 2 quarts into the resivior. I fired the mower up and it doesnt move. I looked at the manual when i got home and saw that it said the hydo fluid should be 3 inches from the top. My question is #1 -does anyone know how much hydro fluid a tiger cub takes? #2 even if it is low on fluid shouldnt it work a little? The mower was moving fine before i decided to change the fluid. I am sure this is something simple. However, my shop is 30 min from my house and i know i am going to be thinking about this all night so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

you have air in your hydrolics, no big deal prop drive wheels up and set mower in motion every now and than open the fill take and you will see bubbles.. takes a little bit but this is normal and nothing is wrong..
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