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Deck size for the GrandStand

Originally Posted by LawnBoy89 View Post
Hello everyone my name is Cosmo. Yesterday I was at an open house for my local landscape supply yard and power equiptment store and they had the new toros there. I like the setup of the Grandstand alot unfortunatly I mow 95% of my properties with 60'' mowers. I asked if a 60'' was in the works and the rep said that he thought so. Is there any more information about this and how long until they are out? They seem like a very efficient mower.
Thanks for your inquiry and your interest, Cosmo. Toro does in fact have plans to expand the GrandStand line-up. However, details regarding the timing of a 60" model have not yet been announced. Stay tuned for future information regarding the GrandStand family of products.
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