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Originally Posted by browng View Post
Are pricing and specs out yet for the new Trimstars? If so, can you please post. If not, when can I expect to see it? Are the old Trimstars considered 2008 and the new ones 2009 or are there 2009 models in the older version? I want to make sure when I am discussing with dealers I know what I am being quoted.
Some of the models will be available at the end of this month, all should be available by the end of May.
There are not any 2009 versions of the old style TrimStar, we havent produced any since last year.
Here are the new models and MSRP's

929232 TrimStar Hydro, 15HP Kawi / 36” MSRP $5,399
929240 TrimStar Hydro, 17HP Kawi / 48” MSRP $5,899
929265 TrimStar Hydro, 19HP Kawi / 54” MSRP $6,399
929273 TrimStar Hydro, 23HP Kawi / 54” E.S. MSRP $7,399

I have attached a couple documents, they have all the information in regards to the specs and features.
Hope this helps.

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