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Originally Posted by stuvecorp View Post
Takes a lot of stuff to farm. I like the big Case and the Versatile. I have to ask, on the excavator and dozer is it really cheaper to own than hire? Just wondering.
Yea, we did the math on it, and with the price of land, being able to do the job when the conditions are right instead of when the contractor can come and having the option to do projects yourself that you wouldn't consider before is great. We have about 500ac to clear that will give us excellent land. There is more than that even with more marginal land. You start talking areas that big and it is pretty easy to make the machinery pay we feel.

Not only that, but when we go to buy or rent farms in the future, it opens up a lot of land that perhaps might have been passed on due to field size etc. A lot of farmers around here have excavators to make renting cheaper. For say 40$/ac less on rent a certain dollar value of land improvement has to be done and it is possible if you have your own equipment.


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