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Baffle Question

Originally Posted by fireman1000 View Post
Thanks for your response. I opened the baffle all of the way and now I am getting beautiful results. Better than ever with my old John Deere. Prior to my posting and during the first two cuts, the deck was set for dry grass and though the grass was really not that bad at all, the results were bad. Any suggestions as to why you think it doesn't cut well with the baffle closed, especially on very short and dry grass as the deck decal states?? I thought this setting would be beneficial in the early spring and late fall for chopping leaves and mulching.
Fireman1000 -
The proper baffle placement is dependant upon things like grass conditions, height-of-cut, variety of grass being cut, ground speed, and the type of blade being used. Although the decal provides suggestions for “common” settings, there is no substitute for the operator fine-tuning the baffle setting to match actual field conditions. (It sounds like you did a great job in that regard.) As grass conditions change, so can the air flow beneath the deck. During the course of the mowing season, you should continue to adjust your baffle and ground speed to adapt to changes in grass conditions.

In general, the “A” setting on the adjustable baffle will allow grass to be thrown further out from the mower, while the “C” setting will conserve power and allow for a higher ground speed. The early and late growing season will typically be your most challenging times to cut. During this time, the grass will be growing at a fast rate and drawing in moisture and nutrients for its root system.

Thanks - The Toro Company
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