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U.S. lawns

We have a U.S. Lawns franchise operating here locally. I see them everyday in the same neighborhoods I work in. Like them I mow residential and commercial lawns. With the price of mowers and equipment and the number of low-baller ads in the phone book and local trading papers I couldn't imagine starting a Lawn franchise right now. In the last 3 weeks there have been 3 different companies (Eastman chemical,Exide battery,and Bristol metals) announce a total around 700 layoffs locally. Thats not including Bushhog, Mack Tools, Columbus Mcckinon machinery, Electrolux, and Bristol Compressors. How many of these people are going to "start mowing yards"??
I would give it a looooooong look before I was to jump into a franchise. The initial franchise and starting fees are pretty substantial I hear.
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