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Well, to the astonishment of all, I found myself in our 9250 cultivating corn ground today!!! WHAAAAAAAA? It is only April 15th, it is so early!!!

It even worked up nicely. Dust was flying. Ground is cold as as a refrigerator, but it is dry! Well, no, we are not crazy, we are not working corn ground yet. It is dry enough to get back into a half taken out fence line to get it ready for planting so I needed a smooth driveway to get the dump trucks across to haul away the many loads of stones.

However, had we wanted to put in wheat, we could be rolling anytime on the tiled ground. Saw a few others out today working ground for wheat.


Some of you might recall this fenceline was taken out before the quick attach was put on and before the rake was built, so I went over a big chunk of it this afternoon to rake out the rest of the roots and stones.

Speaking of stones, there are a lot of piles to gather up tomorrow.

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