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Good. I'm curious why you and other manufacturers will put out 48" and 52" machines, since that is a very small difference, yet only Toro it seems even bothers with 40-42" machines, which I find to be a very good compromise between a 36" (too narrow for wider areas) and 48" (sometimes too wide for 4 foot wide gates)

Is there some technical advantage to a 52" machine vs a 48"? That's just a 8.3% wider cut. That would even theoretically save fewer than 2 minutes on most small/medium sized residental lawns.

A stand-on/walk behind combo machine is ideal (stand when you can, walk when you hit something too steep to ride it on, plus save having to purchase a seperate walk behind just for occasional use). Just please don't ignore the special demands of southern turf. Because most of the population growth in the US is headed that direction.
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