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Question Concrete Pavers next to Concrete Slab - Settling?

OK guys, got a quick question here... This is my first "real" project as a homeowner.

We have an existing concrete slab patio that is in great shape, but we are expanding it with concrete pavers. We intend to have the concrete stained to come close in color to the "inside" pavers once we are finished.

I am currently excavating (not easy, being a stay at home dad of a 6 month old! Need to get work done during naps and such...) and should be ready by the weekend. The 3/4" TB comes on Tuesday (5 days or so), and I hope to have that finished by thursday. Sand and pavers hopefully a few days after that, but I'm planning on it taking 2 days or so.

My 3/4" TB will be about 6" deep, the sand about an inch.

My question is about getting the pavers close to level with the existing slab. How much can I expect them to settle in the sand? Would you reccomend screeding the sand first, hand-tamping, and re-screeding to lower the chances of things settling out? How much higher than the existing slab would you reccomend for things to end up level after the plate compacter goes through?

With a baby that is growing into a toddler, I want to avoid any sort of tripping hazards; not to mention, I think it would look far better if things were nice and level at the transition.
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