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Thanks for the info. I'll plan on having it up by 1/4".

As far as the depth goes, it will be about 6" minimum - closer to 7 in most places (8 in the corner when I misread the bubble and did a 3/4-1" drop instead of 1/8... just read the wrong side of the bubble, stepped back and it didn't look quite right)

I was planning on laying down an 3" layer of gravel over the geotex, power-tamp, and then the rest, screeding that flat and pitched properly, and re-tamping.

How much should I expect the gravel to compact the second time around? Should I lay it out loose 1/4" or so over my 3" line, expecting that to also compact down? Or is it more solid than that?

As far as the stay-at-home dad thing.... Yes, it's pretty rough. It was kind of forced upon me due to the plant where I worked at closing, but hey - as long as uncle sam wants to pay me a bit of $$$, I'll save the daycare expense and enjoy it while I can. Since I am a "displaced worker", I actually get a full year of unemployment, and more if I go back to school to learn a new trade.
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