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Originally Posted by JosephLawnCare View Post
Some full time mechinics don't have boxes that nice. I'm pretty sure that will be the last one you buy. Aren't those around 8K?
New it was about twice that. I paid less than 8 used

Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
I'm surprised that so many companies are mulching already around here. I won't even start until May . By the time it gets nice out and the flowers and shrubs are in bloom the mulch that was put down a month ago looks old.
I know I know. It seems early. People are calling all the time. I dont want to turn down work though. It needs to get done. My guys need work and so does my company.

Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
I see your truck all over the place lol. never knew that was u. where do you get your mulch? looks good
Are you sure it was me? That truck has been out of commission since the beginning of december. Mulch-a local supplier in lkpt/newfane

Originally Posted by 2brothersyardcare View Post
looks good you like that ford?
I did. It broke down. Tranny is shot. Not worth putting a $1500 trans in a truck with 260,000 miles

Originally Posted by honeydopm View Post
Nice looking work and crisp edges!! My brown bed edger doesnt look that good when im-done.Can't go wrong with Snap-on!
The turfco is sweet. You dont have to stick it half in the beds. I havent tried a brown, but I'd like to see the difference.
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