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Originally Posted by ICT Bill View Post
I am not a big fan of chasing PH, the underlying issues are whats important

Lots of big Oak trees? are the leaves chopped up and left on the soil, oak leave typically are acidic which would be counterintuitive if your soil is headed alkaline. moss also likes acidic soil, but not always

What are the typical readings in your area, is the PH unusually high in this test or average

How much rain/snow did you get this year? I would guess less than usual
I agree about the pH and underlining problems. I am hoping she will go with the compost topdressing.

I just did a cleanup at this customers house, she says normally the leaves are all cleaned up. I knew oaks make the soil acidic and told her that.

This was my first higher pH reading and I normally do a handful per year. I am going to start offering it as a normal service to my customers. Normally the tests are lower than 7.

Actually we were record breaking snowfall. I think I was out 20 or so times plowing.

I think I will have to talk with her about the cause and cure not the quick short cure being spread and squirt. I want more organic matter and microbial activity. Plus the canopy needs to be opened up.

Thanks for the response ICT Bill
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