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Originally Posted by Sean Adams View Post
I am curious - how many of the members here at LawnSite use different technologies like,,, etc....

Do you use any of these things for personal use? More importantly, which is what I am really wondering is, do you use these things for your business?

More and more people are so let's hear it - do you?
Twitter is HUGE now.. just a year ago the top two guys on it were Kevin Rose and Leo Laporte. They had about 40,000 followers. In fact they were the only ones talking about it, the netcast geek guys. They were big fish in a small pond but then it went viral not sure who, maybe Obama' but somebody made it a mainstream fetish. Now Aston Kutcher (whatever his name is) and Larry King or CNN are the big fish. With over a million followers.

Myself, if it wasn't for the fact that I have watched some of those Diggnation podcasts I would never have heard of it. Not interested in it at all or any of those facebook things either. My sister wants me to get a facebook account so she can play scrabble with me but then I seen how they play scrabble. It's kind of like talking to someone on this forum... it could take days before the other person takes a turn. Plus you can cheat.

Plus I don't want to get tracked down by the facebook killer ><
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