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Originally Posted by DeepGreenLawn View Post
I will have a normal soil test done on each sample before hand... I will also take a soil sample of my current soil as well. One thing unfortunately is I have already treated it with a little Urea so the N may be up some to begin with. Who knows...

I don't believe I will have major funds for any major testing so this will generally be more of a see what works and doesn't as far as the underlying cause... that is more than I feel I will have time or money to investigate...
Makes sense.

Another thought I just had is to make sure you are applying the same amount of total N per K with each of the three medias. This will make your results more comparable. It would take a different test than the standard soil test.. out here the total N test runs $11.50.

So for $40 you can standardize your N, and have a more reputable comparison. If you decide to apply at the same N rate and need help calculating it... just pm me.

Either way good luck and have fun with your experiment.
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