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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Yes, that is all true and have the same problems at times. My concern is why mess with the compost? The compost should do its job in the soil naturally without being altered by massive urea inputs b4 it is applied to soil.
When I need more N that I can't get quickly enough from natural sources I just used a cheap bag of synthetic 46-0-0 slow release.

Any applications of compost need to be used as compost applications not as super-boosters of N. IMO.
The important question to me is: "Does altered compost effect the soil structure changes we have come to expect from compost?"

Compost is NOT a fertilizer pre se, it is best as a soil conditioner, balancer, microbe feed, soil structure builder, CE site provider and slow release fert, in my view, but I could be wrong. That is why I raise the questions that may be overlooked.
I also wonder how a urea/compost mix could possibly be spread in a even enough manner to have a uniform greening?
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