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Ok guys, it's been a few weeks, let's talk some more about this machine.

First I must say this is much better then riding. I love how it hold hills, the comfort of standing, the visibility. Yes I can say standing is better. Turbo Force cuts better then anything I have used.

Now lets talk downsides....

Don't get me wrong I am in the for the long haul and will be patient, but the quality control over there at Toro needs MAJOR help.

Right side wheel motor housing..... Not one but two missing welds. Didn't notice at first till I started to feel a clunking and then saw the right side wheel toe in then out when changing direction, not good.

Second hardware, come on tightening a bolt correctly isn't hard. Now I have gone over everything, and alot was loose. Somethings like the left front deck strut bolt keeps coming loose. Any fixes for that?

Platform falls down when walking behind, and damm it hurts the shin when it falls! Not much I can do but put a washer behind the strike plate maybe.

Last a few suggestions......

One shorten the spacer on the park brake a 1/8 inch or so, that way the nut can stay tight.

Second the lock for transport height needs to be taller and thicker. Good bump and it pops off and I know if I don't someone will break it off.

Third, MORE REVERSE SPEED! I'm not talking 90MPH, but come on it is way too slow!

I am sure there will be other things. I also understand it's the first year of this machine. It is all understandable that things happen.

Mr. Toro my dealer is Walker Mower and Equipment in Reading, PA can you make sure my new right side wheel motor housing and Hydro filters are a big priority to you! Also he needs the parts to clamp the belt shield on the deck better, and the less I have to visit the dealer the better.
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