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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
No peice of equipment is worth a life, yours or theirs.

That being said. I have carried a pistol since 1990 (including 9 years of military service)

Comming from someone who has actually shot human beings, I would always choose to walk away than to fight.

Will I stop (or try to stop) someone from taking my gear? You bet.
But the pistol is not a deterrant it is an exit strategy.

Most theives are cowards, if thy werent cowards they would be hijackers or armed robbers. There mere presence of lights, cameras or the chance of getting caught send 80 percent of theives packing.

Professional theives wont eye your backpack blower, not enough profit.
So that just leaves stupid amateurs who are looking to make a quick buck, or more likely than not, competeting landscapers that need your equiment.

Lock it.

Trimmer trap a couple of cables, yea its apain, you're tired you dont feel like it, but its better than taking or risking life.

Having been in combat ill tell you NEVER broadcast your intentions, if you do the other guy will be ready. Because you told him.

Also there are 50 states and 50 different gun laws, so anything you have seen on this thread is all wrong for you unless it comes from a lawyer with a license to practice in your state who specializes in gun law.

just lock your stuff up... If you arent trained with guns (and if you were trained youd know your states gun laws) dont play with guns.
That is some of the best advice you'll get here. I'm a certified Self Defense Instructor, conducting classes and certifying graduates to obtain carry permits. One of the mandatory books my students must read is Ayoob's "In the Gravest Extreme". There are two types of trials after a citizen shooting, righteous or not.
Criminal and civil. State laws pertain primarily to criminal lawsuits, but civil suits are an entirely different worlds, rife with sleazy attorneys who know all of the angles that can lead an honest citizen defending his property directly to a long term in jail. Keep in mind that defending your home, wife, kids and yourself from personal harm is far removed from defending "property" in a civil suit.
That aspect is a gray area in which expensive attorneys love to play.
Their basic precept is that no human life is worth an inanimate object. You'll be hard pressed to convince a jury otherwise.
Call your County Attorney's office. They should assign you an appointment with a deputy attorney who can actually help when police won't.
Good luck, and stay low.

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