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Tom, sorry about the reception here and hope you and your family land somewhere in this economy. You might give Alan a call over at landscape lighting world or pm griffin here. They are a sponsor here, and they are just starting out in the landscape lighting biz and have what looks to be great products for the landscape lighting pro.

I will say this, sadly, that the unavailability of Malibu par 36 bulbs at Lowes and Home Depot will hurt hundreds of thousands of Homeowners that buy those for malibu and other ( read Nightscaping ) fixtures. Without you guys selling and ordering millions from bulb manu's, those bulbs are gonna disappear or double in price. I met one such customer last night. The LV wire you sell is also just as good ( except maybe super flex) as we all use every day.

And Intermatic makes awesome digital timers and photocells that all of us use and maintain.

Good Luck to you.
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