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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
We have the Forsythias in bloom yesterday - and - just today I talked with a friend that claimed actual soil temps were 44 degrees.

Is this the part of Michigan below the Mason Dixon line?
LOL, yes. No, The first test I took myself at 4" and the second I pulled off the following site.

We have had strange weather fluctuations this year in central MI. Lots of ups and downs, We will go from 80deg to 40deg in 24hr period a couple times per week. Our forsythias have been in bloom for about a month now. Just a few days ago all of my variety of bulbs were up at the same time.

The grass is most likely KBG. No special seed here.

Now for the exciting update........nothing! No significant change what-so-ever.

=kelp meal not a good overnight "greenup" tool. Maybe if it was applied at twice the amount I used which was 1lb per 100sq but I felt it was expensive at that at $2 per lb. Supplemental it has its place I am sure but my 1/8" compost I spread 2 days ago on my front yard has had more overnight greenup than this has in a week. Stick to post, cheaper and more effective.
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