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Tom, at what point did Intermatic start making so much Malibu product line offshore? I remember Toro jumping into the retail DIY lighting market in the mid to late 80's, and then in the 90's a lot of other offshore product flooding the shelves from Home Depot to Ace Hardware stores and OSH.

Malibu made the first LV system I ever worked on, around my grandfather's fish pond in the late 70's. Plastic stems and metal hats that twisted on.

I actually installed dozens of your ribbed metal uplights at a couple houses my brother was fixing up and "flipping" up above Sunset Blvd. in the Hollywood Hills on a tight budget maybe 10 years ago.

They weren't my first choice, and I insisted on FX transformers for those jobs, but the lights did the trick for making some tropical looking foliage come to life at night and helped make the sales.

I wish you well.
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