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I'm an electrician, so education is something I value greatly in terms of doing a job properly. That being said, Malibu's lack of education to me is no different than a lot of the distributors and manufacturers who sell over the internet to any and all at contractor pricing, both in the low and high voltage world, with little to no concern about who is installing it or how they are installing it, and only to "make a buck". Some of the more respected posters on this sight have been on DIY shows. Who do you think primarily watches those shows? People who want to do it themselves. How much education are they getting across in a 5 minute segment on a home improvement show, but they sure as heck want their name to be seen or heard on that show.
When they see a lighting contractor put a strainer on top of a pole on top of lamp, don't you think that gives them all kinds of unsafe ideas because they saw someone on TV do it. Malibu isn't the only one who put out a low grade product and didn't educate as much as you would like. To overcome that, you have to know how to sell, educate, and install, and if a contractor can't do that, perhaps another line of work is in order.
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