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Originally Posted by causalitist View Post
What is the minimum spray volume/M that can be used when applying 100% UFLEXX @ around (0.5 Lb N)/M ?

I want to use 1 gallon... would do 1/2 gallon if possible.
i dont think turf safety is an issue so I suppose "how much you can actually dissolve" is the issue.

anyone have a reasonable estimate of the upper limit of this fraction?:
(pounds N from Uflexx)/(Gallons of water) aka solubility

if it a suspension or whatever than thats what i mean by solution

thanks, just found a local uflexx supplier, cheaper than lesco's straight urea!
needless to say im excited
.75#N/k sprayed at a 2 gal/k rate did great for me. I would think you would have no problems at 1 gal/k. The lower the volume the more concentrated the solution. This makes your mix less forgiving when it comes to over or under application. Areas missed will be weak. Areas sprayed to heavily have a greater burn potential. Now add higher temps to the mix and the balancing act becomes even more fun. I would stick to the 1 gal rate at least. JMO
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