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Originally Posted by Dr.Simon View Post
Rabbit dude, chill. Life is ok. He's asking for help. That's part of this site. We're not here to check licenses, references, dna, or the sort. Give the guy a break for trying to do things himself. If you read his initial question, it claims he already had a 200 gallon juicer, just wants a basic weed and feed. If he smokes the turf, that's his business. Like you-he's one of us. Maybe you can offer some help. And if you're around Roger Davis at the local Lesco/Deere (somewhere in Indy), say hello for me.
Good old Roger.I see Roger about every 2 weeks.He is running the Harding 465 store.They are getting ready to move to Whiteland Indiana in a few months.What is your name I will tell him you said hello.

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