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Originally Posted by growingdeeprootsorganicly View Post
how much post goes down (lbs?) 25? per thou? sounds like a lot of extra work for that money? at those small dosages of post you will need synthetic's$$ for sure? what happens when you have a 100 customers?
125 lbs per 5000 sf? plus the synthetic needed anyway? 45$?

X SAY 10 YARDS THATS 1250 LBS POST A DAY you will need to handle minimally

how will you keep up blending/applying like that for that much money?
45 sound like TG LD prices? don't burn ur self out my friend
At high production I will be moving 3.5 yards of 'postblend per day. At the topdressing rates you guys are talking about I would be using 6.25 yards for one 5k lawn... now who is breaking their back on any given day?

My prices are in line with my market.

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