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Originally Posted by TRabic View Post
David, Kansas, Ned, Steve,
Excellent perspectives.
In general, there is a "Pro" customer, and a DIY customer.
And although both sides, (Installers and Retailers), try to attract crossovers, I see a formidable chasm between the two customers.
Perhaps our best Marketing efforts only serve to help them confirm which group they fall into.
There is still a large untapped customer base out there on both sides.
Our industry's job is to "sell the dream", and to quote Alan's earlier comment; Let the rising tide raise all boats".
Gregg, I joined the company in the late 90's, off site, so I'm not the best person to answer the off shore question.
I think the metal fixture that you are referring to is our "work horse" CL507, MR16 flood. It is amazing how many of those we have sold through the years.
I do want to say thanks again for all the well wishes.
By the way; did I mention that we have fixtures for sell?:-).

Good luck to you, Tom!

I installed a Malibu 300 watt capacity transformer into our own lighting system about 2 1/2 -3 years ago.
It works wonderfully, running five MR-16 35 watt well lights that shine up onto the front of our ranch homes's 7 foot Alberta spruces and cedar siding, plus two 11 watt copper pagotas near our entranceway and garage.
No problems whatsoever.
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