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Originally Posted by JDUtah View Post
lol I am still waiting on your net profit last year my friend. Or you gonna dodge the question like you think your friend Bill does?

The weeds get taken care of just fine.

I guess you didn't notice I said "more sustainable"?

I am sorry you feel to attack that lawn in ignorance... that lawn has had less than 1.5 pounds of synthetic fertilizer on it in the last 17 months... so sorry bro... your idea that I am a chem company that throws in a little OM just went out the window.

The lawn has had 2 mows so far this year... the uneven spots are from two dogs relieving themselves all winter.

I'll let you know how I'm doing in a couple years... I don't understand something... in one thread you tell me to stop trying so hard and just pay some labor... "Many hands make light work" then you come here and compare my processes to yours... I don't understand how you think I can't do it when you have zero idea how i am working it. Just because you have to hire more hands doesn't mean I have to.

I know how much time and work goes into my program.. I know how long it takes to blend certain amounts of post... and I know my numbers to be profitable. You have nothing to do with my business... so why question my efficiency? Just because you are too lazy to figure out how to do things effectively and efficiently doesn't mean it can't be done.. so to that, dear friend, I say you might wanna stop worrying about my business and start worrying about yours. In less tactful words I say.. piss off? (Are you going to make me put you on ignore too?)

Sorry the thread is so off track guys... topdress as often as the lawn needs in order to maintain customer satisfaction. Peace out.
JD, will your mix go through a broadcast spreader OK?
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