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Originally Posted by lawncuttinfoo View Post
Tim are you still planning to include a microscope with the microbulators soon?
It is my understanding that Tim will have a $300 version and a $600 version of microscope designed to use for soil, compost and compost teas when observing fungi, bacteria, nematodes, etc.

This is from an email I got from him,

Each microscope will come with these custom designed filters as well as a custom made 20X objective which the manufacturer made for me. The enhancement produces images which are similar to those seen using phase contrast and differential interference contrast (3D). The brightfield images are also very good. Eac h microscope will also come with a DVD produced by myself teaching the use of the microscope, general microscopy and some compost and compost tea observational techniques. There will be extras available for additional charges, such as a 3X multiplier lens, 100X objective, carrying case and plan achromatic objectives. I am also working on a camera which I'm hoping will sell for under $200. I may end up leaving something out here but will post a proper description this week on my webpage.

The optical quality is as good as, or superior to the Leica CME.
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