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Originally Posted by treegal1 View Post
compost is exempt and if you do a soil test you can have an exception, next is the fact that most of the time we have all the P you need its just locked away... so get the herd to open it up, now back the the N, well no I am not going there where the heck is Kiril with that N cycle pic again, WTF dont any one get the fact that Wood will feed the N makers, so mulch your lawns with some old mulch, or kill the stupid things and use some natives like Bahia, dont cut them so often or plant some clover?????? or peanuts. and is nitrite in that ban????

thanks to the state for selling my services to the rest of the lemmings
You say compost is exempt in this FL ban. But compost can be cumbersome & extremely time comsuming, depending upon the contractor's equipment & specific job situation.

What about meals? Are they exempt there too?
Meals can be applied relatively quickly, the walks, driveway, etc blown off just like a fert & squirt lawn jockey might do.
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