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Originally Posted by Grasssales2001 View Post
Hey Tree I manage a sag sod farm in northest louisiana on some sandy ground. I would be interested in some of your management practices if you would care to share. And how the he@# do you control bermudagrass in it.
ok so it started out as a bagass dump and then had some green waste dumped on it in 04, after that it sat for years, we then disk the area several times per month for 4 months, after that we did the irrigation ditch thing and sprigged the whole 100+ acres with 48000, sqf of sod that got broken down to sprigs, after that its a " if you see a weed then you kill the whole area" type system, on dandy or crab grass and there is a burned spot in the turf for days, the SAG just takes over... we pump in water to bring the table to about 12 inches from the top of the blades 4 times a month and top dress with a manure spreader, if tea is needed then its just use a water truck on loan and run the rows with a 1:10 tea water ratio. weed pressure was bad the first year but as of the last year we have had little to do. we mow at 5 inches except for the harvest fields that get taken to 4 and then 3 inches weeks before the the old cut and roll or stack to 450sqft pallets..... the som is almost 26% and the p is real good thats about it save for sulfur@ 22 lbs per acre once......
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