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No David... the two temp scales really do meet up at -40. The coldest I have seen living here in Port Sydney for the past 11 years was about 5 years ago, when during our annual mid January 'deep freeze' it dropped to -43.

This past winter saw temperatures drop to -36 Celcius during that same period.

I think it is fascinating to get up in the middle of the night and head outside to experience temperature lows like this. And the sky is so incredibly clear... the stars are like a sea of diamonds and the milky way is astoundingly bright and vast. The cold is numbing to anything exposed and if you take a deep breath you can feel the moisture in your throat freeze. I have actually heard trees pop and crack as they freeze right through. (I had to ask the old boys about that the first time I heard it!)

Thankfully spring is finally fully upon us and things are greening up nicely!
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