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Originally Posted by The Lighting Geek View Post
I frequently chat with friends of mine in the marketing business about what you posted. Most people do not spend enough money in marketing of some fashion to keep the leads coming in.
This is a sensitive issue with me. Maybe most people do not spend enough money in marketing. However, I can assure you MOST people also are pissing money away on marketing too - I know I have. Maybe my philosophy is wrong. but if I spend $1000 on marketing I HAVE to get at least $3000 in gross revenue from that marketing campain with in a year or I can't stay in business. It doesn't make much sense to shell out $3000 and only get $2000 in gross busines. If you spend money on marketing you need to carefully project what that will do for you and if it is worth the RISK. As far as I am concerned there is a huge risk in spending money on marketing. Marketing=risk
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