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I'd have to agree that some marketing is a loss. back when I owned the big lawn care thing, we spent 10 grand on a full color catalog of our company with photo's, info, a basic hand out piece to give potential clients. we got about 2000 or so catalogs, and we may have closed more jobs because of it, but I don't really remember it bringing more leads or business.

we did a TV commercial that cost about 5 grand over 3 months. lots of folks said they saw it, but no real closed leads that said they saw us on TV and called.

I spent 5 grand one year for a 3 phase postcard mailing, and got no response on Christmas lights. to be fair, that was my first direct mail piece and I hired a bad company, big mistake.

The difficult thing is reaching the 1% folks. Direct mail is pretty much the main way to reach your demographic, but after that, what?

So you send out 5000 postcards monthly to my top 1%. that would cost about 3 grand a month for coated jumbos 9 using an internet one stop shop, a printer, addresser and mailer. and be about 36 grand per year. If I did it in house, I could probably cut that in half. but oh, the work. I attempted to work with the post office and enlist the help of my wife to figure out a system to use the walking route lists, print massive volumes of cards from the internet printing companies, print the addresses and postage ourselves, and lower the overall cost, but it is such an undertaking that my wife gave up.

But again, who is dropping this kind of money? I spend heavy on yellow pages because I track the leads from it on Christmas Lights, and that 10 grand over 3 different books is worth it. I'm paying a company to develop a website for me, and that is about 1200 bucks this year. I had some really nice bid folders made up last year, another 2 grand ( but then i swapped that work for lights.) That was marketing, our close ratio went up last year to 50% on Christmas, but was it because of the full color folders?

I really wish we had a nite time decor or lighthouse, or some landscape lighting franchise person here to tell me what to spend and what to expect. Or I just need the testicular marketing fortitude to just commit to 3 grand per month in postcards and do it for 12 months starting now and see what happens. pretty gutsy move for a guy with very little work on the board, but what else do you do?
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