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Originally Posted by Wisentaner View Post
Just purchased my first skid sprayer and was looking for suggestions on giving it a good cleaning after spraying CT
The thing you are trying to avoid is a build up of bio-film. Someone with more experience than me will chime in. Hear is what I have experienced, "weekdays" at the end of the day with emprty unit, put several gallons of clean water in the sprayer and spray the exterior and interior with it. If you see a buiild up mix up a batch of hydrogen peroxide, purchase ssodium percarbonate and mix it up yourself, you'll go broke with the 3% mix you can buy in the store. You can also use peroxyactic acid, it is used in the food industry, acetic acid is an excellent bactericide
Spray the inside with the mixture

caution: H2O2 is an oxidizer and is not kind to eyes and mucus membranes
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