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Originally Posted by Wisentaner View Post
Just purchased my first skid sprayer and was looking for suggestions on giving it a good cleaning after spraying CT
Never let any CT sit in the tank. If the tank is empty start cleaning immediately. If not empty but applications are done, empty and clean immediately.

Cleaning is imperative and the worst part of using CT. I pressure wash interior and flush the system with clean water. During the high season when I'm applying tea daily, I'll spend an hour or so once a week inside my 500 gal tank and hand scrub it using oxyclean. Yea, tons of fun.

I have been able to reduce the clean up when I use ICT products without my own brewed tea.

My experience is that cleaning the sprayer is harder than cleaning the brewer. With my new cone bottom brewer, I just have to rinse it out & start the next brew.
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