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oxy clean also has sodium carbonate +detergents, works well, is cheap and available every where.

i like to use 35% peroxide, can be expensive but if you look hard you can find good deals, buy in bulk, rinse your sprayer tank first with water hose with drain open, perhapps use a long handled scrub brush at the same time if needed, fill a few g then run sprayer for a second to get some gunk out of lines and empty, then fill sprayer with 2-4g water then add a oz or so of the full strength peroxide, take ur sprayer nozzle and then spray/ recirculate it back to your tank rinsing it and spraying the whole inside of tank, especially the inside top, drain, refill with some more water to rinse peroxide out, done... yes it's a PITA to do but is very necessary, bio film's build quickly and invisibly,

i personally would stay away from using the bleach
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