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Originally Posted by Daner View Post
There Is alfalfa In there...I have 100,s of acres of It...But thats not whats floating on top...shhhhhhh Its top secret

Hey thanks for the tips all...The tea Is still cookin....can I over cook this stuff?
I started It yesterday at 430 pm ands now almost 9:30 pm
Over cooking? CT brewing goes through a cycle of who is dominant when. The bacteria take over early and then calm down as they eat the available foods that they like. The brew is very diverse at first and then many become a few. later in the brew fungi begin to grow out (hopefully) as you progress towards 36 to 48 hours there is less diversity.

This is one of the arts of brewing knowing what your application is and catching the brew at the right time, more bacterial, catch it early. More fungal, select for those foods and let it brew longer. If it goes too long, throw it back in the compost pile and start over
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