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Originally Posted by Jelinek61 View Post
ramairfreak98ss, how do u like the skid steer style loader on your 4720? besides having the skid steer quick attach is there anything else that would set it apart from the 400x loader?
I'm not Ramair but the 400cx has much more lifting ability (as well as the quick park FEL setup) over the 400x FEL. The Quick attack on the FEL makes it much more universal (and basically offers the world of unlimited skid steer attachments) and stays away from the propriety setups of Deere. Depending on the attachment you just have to concern yourself with hydraulic flow.

This may sound controversal but I really think Deere should not offer any X loaders, only the CX. Here is why; the majority of buyers dont realize the limits on the X compared to the CX loaders. The dealers offer these amazing deals on tractors with X loaders. But what they dont tell you it limits the resale potential because "smart buyers" are looking for the CX performance along with the ease of removing the loader with the CX. To what benefit is it to the user when they get a loader for less? what they dont say clearly for the money saved you give up way too much both short term and long term, especially with resale. Folks wont buy a X loader because of this and will pass on your tractor for the next...

Just my observations
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