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OCDC Question

Originally Posted by shaun5 View Post
How well does it work? I can't decide between something like this or a grass catcher. Can it be fitted to any Turbo Force deck? (mine's a 52)...
Hello Shaun5 -
Yes, we have designed the Operator-Control Discharge Chute to work on all TURBOFORCE cutting decks. There are different kits for different size decks, so check with your dealer to make sure you order the correct kit for your 52” deck.

The OCDC has three settings, fully open, ½ way closed and closed. Because the chute gate is constructed of the same material as the discharge chute the airflow velocity does not allow the OCDC to completely seal off the discharge opening when set in the closed position. The result is a minor amount of air and clippings escape and are directed rearward toward the drive tire. This is by design to avoid windrowing that can occur when the chute is completely blocked off thus requiring the operator to make another pass to clean-up the trail of clippings. Contractors have told us the on demand versatility of the OCDC is great for redirecting clippings around beds, between buildings, around vehicles or windows, and along side walks, driveways and streets. And it avoids the extra size and weight of a grass catcher, not to mention having to dump the collected material.

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