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Fertilizer ratios, I need help!

Please bare with my ignorance.

I am fertilizing my own personal lawn, but would like learn alot more, and maybe in the future apply to some of my customers. I have heard different suggestions from as many people I have spoken to.

Purdue ext. says go with go with 1.0 lb nitrogen Sep, 1.5 Nov, 1.0 May, and .75 July. They suggest a 4-1-2 ratio of Nitogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium pretty much year round from what I can tell.

Talked to an old Horticulturist who is respected in the area, and a former fert aplicator, and they both said go 13-13-13 now, Hort guy said pretty much year round unless you want to add some Iron. Ap guy said go 40-0-0 Urea later in the fall.

Talked to another co op guy that said said go 4-1-2 now, and go 6-26-26 late fall for root development. He said it is silly to load up on Nitrogen in late fall. He also said use alot of lime since I am loaded with Oak, said results are amazing.

Can someone give me the low down on why or why not I want a boat load of nitrogen late in the fall? Do any of these programs make sense? Any good resources to look at?

Oh yeah, and I just did some overseeding, and applied 13-13-13 per the Horticuturist. Everybody else suggests something else so you do not burn up the seed.


Thanks a bunch
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