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Interesting question, we had a minor league field in the mid atlantic call us. Their seeding program was failing big time the field only had 60% coverage and they had the season starting up in 4 weeks.

I asked why so little coverage, what happened, fungal issues last year? NO, they said, we mistakingly put down 16 times the amount of dimension that we were supposed to in November (my head of course is spinning, 16X and in November??? what ***hole would do that, apparently I had him on the phone)

Plan of action, our compost tea at 4X the rate once a week, continue seeding after the second week. Just spoke with them 2 weeks ago right after the season started and it worked like a charm, I have asked for pictures

So if you have to get something out of the soil that is a problem, send the bio boys in to eat it for lunch. There are many that consider things like that as food
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