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Originally Posted by upidstay View Post
For ticks, I'm sorry, but I do not mess around. Use the Tempo. I live in the Lyme Disease capitol of the world. I don't know of anybody who has ever been hospitalised due to pesticide exposure, but I do know LOTs of people who have been from Lyme Disease. One feiend of the family had it before anybody knew what it was. Had it for years, everybody thought she was crazy or on drugs. On a good day she walks with a cane, bad day she she uses her wheel chair, her joints are so bad.

I've used DE. Once. Never again. Wore a dust mask, still coughed for several days after. Customer asked me to never use that stuff again. Blows EVERYWHERE in the slightest breeze. Loaded with micro-syllicates (sp?) which are known carcinogens, so don't tell me it's a safer product. Either for me, the customer, or non-target insects. It will kill a lady bug just as easily as it kills a tick. I try to be as green as I can, but there's a time to use a scalpel, and a time to use a flame thrower. Ticks, you use a flame thrower.
Yes DE kills beneficial's as well. I also agree with you...especially since I found a fat tick on my back the other day latched on (he had been there at least 36 hours)...those basstards have to die...I hate them, this includes fire ants and yellow jackets.
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