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Originally Posted by Jelinek61 View Post
ramairfreak98ss, how do u like the skid steer style loader on your 4720? besides having the skid steer quick attach is there anything else that would set it apart from the 400x loader?
the skid steer style is actually the adapter plates... the quick attach pieces on the end similar to a skid steer.. i woudnt have gotten it any other way, its awesome, besides the fact that its hard to see down so low to attach the buckets :/ , i can detach them in about 20 seconds.

the only difference in the 400cx is that it has those auto leveler knuckles at the top of the boom, its supposed to lift more too, i know its nice though to lift mulch and not spill any out all the way up !

i still try to roll the bucket simultaneously while lifting like my other machines lol.
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