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Originally Posted by Ducati996 View Post
I'm not Ramair but the 400cx has much more lifting ability (as well as the quick park FEL setup) over the 400x FEL. The Quick attack on the FEL makes it much more universal (and basically offers the world of unlimited skid steer attachments) and stays away from the propriety setups of Deere. Depending on the attachment you just have to concern yourself with hydraulic flow.
yeah its supposed to do 12gpm.. not enough to run high power implements but enough to do most things. The front attachment plates, either Deere proprietary or worksite pro skid steer style has nothing to do with the cx or x of the loader model, as i have the original deere plates in the garage.

You can get the skid steer style for either, its like $300 for the option, if your gonna use it in our business, better get them.

I already have a 84" high volume, 3/4 yard bucket and 73" replaceable cutting edge bolt blade bucket for digging, and am looking at a grapple for it, but fell over when i found out it was almost 4k :/

I honestly use the little simplicity for most landscape stuff...

very easy to transport, can move around grass/turf much faster than the behemoth deere thats heavy, its much more narrow, 45" wide compared to 68" of the deere.

Any attachments on the deere would be 72" + so its only for bigger jobs, open areas... it sure would be an awesome machine with a 84-96" wide harley or landpride power rake !
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