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Originally Posted by Grasssales2001 View Post
Exactly Kiril! How do we go about educating the general public? I Wish I had $.01 out of every dollar that people wasted on lawn and garden products hoping to have that picture perfect lawn and landscape.
First step is to get people to understand that managing a landscape is not the same as managing crops and sports turf.

Second thing is to show people that more does not equal better.

Third is to emphasize that the most sustainable way to manage a landscape is based on real need, not a perceived one.
People need to understand the general recommendations are exactly that ...... general. Yet how many people blindly follow these recommendations .... I would say most. Find the breaking point of your landscape and maintain it just above that level.

Problem is, many people don't want to listen. They listen to some corp. commercial or their lawn jockey who knows nothing about proper plant, land, and water management. If I had a nickel for every time I have had to set/reset irrigation controllers because of some dumb ass lawn jockey, I could retire.
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