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You are a Stud!

Wow, I bet you could go on about the subject, you are a wealth of information. Could you share what your background and expertise are? I would find that interesting as well.

I am not sure if the fertilizer at the co-op would be considered ag grade. He purchases the bagged material from another facility, and for the purpose of lawn use. He sells large volumes to local farmers from his facility. So, I am not really sure how I could tell. The price seems pretty good, most of the stuff is around 7 dollars a bag.

My wife went to talk to the ext. agent who said that in Indiana you can no longer apply any fertilizer for hire, something to do with IL changing their policy on the matter. I wrote the State Chemist for more details.

The ext. agent seems to be very knowledgeable, he made the statement that Oak leaves are not acidic, and that 99.9 percent of soil tested at their office, the lawns do not need any lime to adjust ph. He emphasised Lime is a waste for nearly every lawn. The Co op guy thinks most lawns in this area need lime, but soil analysis would confirm that. I do not know if the co-op guy is coming from a farm/ag perspective, actually I do not know what to believe. I guess analysis is the best way to find out. Only $15

Thanks so much again, always willing to read more if you are inclined to write Steve.

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