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Originally Posted by DeepGreenLawn View Post
I have a customer with a BEAUTIFUL emerald zoysia front yard. The back yard however is a different story. It is a myers zoysia, still can't understand why the two varieties... anyhow... the back yard is being TORN APART by coons, opossums, who knows...

I know they are digging for grubs.


1. Is this a sign of higher than normal grubs.

2. How do I get rid of the pests... they back up to a wooded lot...

3. Why aren't they touching the emerald zoysia or the fescue that the dog stays on?
You already know the answer

The coons or whatever are there because of the food source, the bugz that the coons or whatever are feeding on are there because of the food source and so on
it may even be a protected area where they can feed easily, any changes recently in the neighborhood?

The only reason that you are seeing it is because the site is out of balance
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