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New Pro Steer Ergo Control

I'm sorry we can't show you just yet what we have as only half of our best dealers have seen the new machine and pro-steer controls.
What I can tell you is that the dealers were a little taken with the machine. Many commented that this unit bridges the gap between the gear drives and the hydro units for just a little more money than the gear drive models. As of right now we will only have two gear models available to start with more to follow if we have a good response.
There is no doubt that this will be a hit.

FYI, Were also involved in a development project that will help the professional cutter make more money with the Gravely equipment they purchase. What's that you say! A manufacture that's trying to help the pro cutters make more money!! That's right. We need to do all we can to keep you all profitable. Were all in this together.

Dan Kilgas
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