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True, and I am planning on going back out there to do a basic brub test... I just can't figure out why they are only in that area, I glanced over at the neighbors house and didn't notice anything too far out of place. And the line between the two turfs is very distinguished but I feel a major reason for this is a dogwood is covering a majority of it and there is not much sun light to speak of. However, there is an area that goes along the neighbors driveway that is hurting as well... I basically have only been there twice. Once was when I was doing the estimate and I was in a little hurry... and the second was when I was aerating/treating and I noticed all the dig/claw marks that made it obvious that something was digging around. I know it isn't their dog, it has it's own fenced in area and stays inside, and I didn't see/notice any other dogs either in the general area.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when I am back in the area and able to get a look at it again.

I see some of these deterents for a "quick fix" and was wandering what your thoughts were on these. I am afraid it will smell and I am not a big fan of things that smell... as neither are my customers.
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