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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So composters produce ammonium... From there - nitrifying bacteria turn it into No2- or what might be called.. Nitrites.


They become Nitrates because of the activity of 'Nitrifying Bacteria' - known as - NO3- ...

From there they are either - asimilated into the plant directly , as NO3- or - the NO3- dissipates into the atmosphere.

Is that a fair assesment of the chart??!?
Looks good. May I add a couple parts?

The NO3 is converted into N2 by microbes before (as) it is released into the atmosphere.

Ammonium can be assimilated into the plant as well. It is also interesting to learn that plants use N in ammonium form and spend energy to convert Nitrate into Ammonium after it has been absorbed. Either form can be absorbed by plant roots when absorbed in a solution.

Ammonium can be formed in three ways, decay of organic matter, in the plasma of a lightning strike, or through synthetic processes.

If you haven't, read the outline I posted.

This thread gave me a sequestering question that I plan to start a new thread on as soon as I get the time to think it out.
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